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Whether you're looking for someone to lead your product and content marketing strategy, need a coach to show you the game or you want resources to learn on your own, you're in the right place. 

Fractional Product Marketing Leadership 

All of the benefits of an experienced PMM leader right when you need them. 

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 Product Marketing Leadership Coaching

Everyone needs a good coach – I'd love to be yours! 

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The Product Marketing Leader Bootcamp

Everything I wish I would have known in my first product marketing role all in one course.

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What People Are Saying

Results that speak for themselves

"The day I found Megan, I thanked the marketing gods. I was a team of one and needed to ramp product marketing to crystalize our ICP and buying personas, develop a sales enablement kit, and accelerate content creation. She hit the ground running, inserted herself into work streams, and delivered meaningful value to Sharebite from moment one."

Stephanie Bohn


"Megan is one of those rare full stack product marketers whose has the instinct, ability, and experience to design and execute your go-to-market strategy start to finish, or jump in and help you diagnose what's not working and course correct. Megan's curiosity and candor helps her lead companies and teams through even the most challenging cross-functional efforts. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

 Laura Smous

VP of Product Marketing

"Megan is a capable and collaborative product marketing leader. She led our team through multiple projects – everything from re-architecting our go-to-market strategy to re-imaging our messaging and positioning. In every instance she provided clear leadership, creative partnership and the results we needed."

 Nina Butler

Head of Marketing

About Megan

B2B Marketing today moves fast and most marketing teams are strapped for resources.

In my experience building, growing and improving product marketing teams, I've learned a thing or two about strategic narrative, customer intelligence, product launch processes and more.

My goal for Product Marketing House is to share all of that with you under one roof. 

Whether you hire me as a fractional product marketing leader, your product marketing coach or you enroll in my course, my approach gives you strategic insights AND the assets you need to quickly start seeing better results.

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